Saturday, September 01, 2007

I am really irritated now. Not once, but twice I was nearly finished with a post when it somehow vanished after I ran spell check. I am not in the mood to write the short piece a third time. It is close to one in the morning.

The post began with these sentences, "What is it about midnight? I am staying up later and later to mess with blogs. Sally says she is staying up later too and she doesn't have a blog and she is still working."

I've forgotten the segue into 'piles' of which my house is filled. I used to put my purse on a particular chair when I returned home form work. The chair also held several little Mexican plaid plastic bags for carrying crochet, office files and other random stuff. Martha's cousin Aggie has piles too, but her piles are more picturesque, as you can see.

The piles on the modest
built-in desk in my library are a real mess. And three out of four chairs at my kitchen table have significant piles as does the top of the table. In fact, there is little or no room to put anything in this house because all the spaces and places are filled. Heaven help me if I wanted to practice yoga and or work at a table - or even eat at a table at the moment.

I do have my work cut out for me for the forseeable future. I've said it before - it is the only thing that I am drawn to do at the moment. Finally, I am off to bed in preparation for more pile disseminating tomorrow. What a goofy post. It really is time for some sleep. I will try the spell check one more time and see if I can hold on to this post at the same time.

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