Wednesday, October 06, 2004

So, I see that I've not written since Super Bowl Sunday. Today one of my staff listened to the Astros game on the radio at her desk. They've made the playoffs. Why do I mention sporting events on this blog? Not worth thinking of an answer.

So, the Red Purse is falling short of content. My life is full and my blog does not reflect the day to day to day when so much is happening that there is rarely time to fully prepare for or anticipate the next event or conversation. And there is rarely time to contemplate or assess what has already taken place. I move through my work days like a well trained race horse, saddled up and performing. That's what they pay me me for.

And then I come home and most often instead of expanding my website or adding to my transitional business plan, I peruse ebay and suddenly exhibit great interest in vintage cotton print tablecloths or antique rhinestone brooches, old funky purses or glass negatives and satin eiderdowns from the U.K. Items won are shipped to my office address and my house is more and more filled with objects that I like. And there is hardly a surface on which I can set a bowl for a meal or a space to spread out a newspaper to read. I really do enjoy all of my stuff, every bit of it.

Off to bed now, under an eiderdown, with the air conditioning on - only in Houston.