Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm ready to spend time with Red Purse. This blog doesn't get a fraction of the attention that I lavish on Rockbridge Times. Perhaps I think of it as a 'shopping blog' and since I am trying to restrain myself from getting into any kind of retail situation, I pay little attention to it. I don't want to write about shopping expeditions and guilty pleasures. I am staying out of stores and find that blogging is now more interesting than Ebay and definitely a less expensive habit to maintain. Write more and spend less - a good motto.

So, Red Purse, let's give you a new identity. Let's talk about older women and all the new stuff in their lives. Baby Boomer women and those slightly older find themselves confronting all sorts of new issues - weird health things, retirement or thoughts about retirement, long term care insurance, terrific grandchildren, frail and aged parents, new career opportunities and amazing for me a 'clear the clutter at last' mentality.

It's a Friday night and there is an absolutely torrential rain going on outside. Lots of lightening and thunder. An empty glass of wine is beside me and I am relishing the thought of the few quiet hours ahead.

Red Purse, you're on.

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