Sunday, February 01, 2004

So, just when will Americans see that our current administration really is lying, spinning and moving with great speed toward a very different America than the one that we profess to love? I'm talking about the America whose freedoms and civil rights we've so taken for granted that they appear unchanging or unchangeable? Well, things are changing daily, incrementally and if we do not tune in for a day, we miss witnessing one more affront, one more assault on the values and liberties we've been born and bred to believe are unassailable. I 'm scared. What is it that blinds so many of us? Is it the malls where we can lose ourselves in background music and goods made in Third World countries, professional sports ("Give them bread and circuses."), the illusion of power given us with SUVs, Hummers and snow mobiles, cell phones, Palm Pilots and pagers or the day to day struggle and overwork that leave no time for civic engagement? Please link to:

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