Saturday, October 25, 2003

Wedding Day

Weather reports are not good. After two weeks of sunny dappled light and blue skies, severe stormy weather is on the way - just for today. Then a front will blow through bringing cool clear weather. During today's severe stormy weather - or between bouts of it - Elizabeth and Manuel will be married in Sally's garden. A very beautiful ravine garden where white lantana is now blooming as planned just infront of glorious orange cosmos. White pumpkins are ready to be set at the garden entryway, white tents cover the driveway and strings of white lights hang among the ropes of English ivy in the trees. The garden is ready for this wedding. Mariachis are coming and the families and friends have gathered from Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Texas.

National Weather Service reports suggest "My Big Fat Monsoon Wedding" with the emphasis on monsoon. We've vowed to dance in the rain with mud between our toes. The bride and groom are delighted with one another and their happiness is palpable. Rain or shine, we'll gather at 4:00 this afternoon - perhaps with umbrellas and yellow ponchos - to celebrate with Elizabeth and Manuel and all the people they love the most.

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